College Life Planning Class 9

Introducing CIC to prospective students

Hi everyone. Good to see you here again. We are approaching the end of the spring semester! Hope you’re not so stressed out about upcoming exams and assignments. As I told you last week, in today’s class, I’m giving you another group project!

This time, I’d like you to work on a project to introduce CIC to prospective students (i.e., high school students, either domestic or international, who are thinking of studying at CIC). Try to explain what they can study at CIC, and convince them to come join our program!

If you study abroad next year, some people may ask you what CIC was like. Also, if you are international students currently studying at Rikkyo, some people back home will definitely ask you what it was like to study in Japan. So I think this project will be useful for those of you who are from overseas currently studying in Japan, as well as those who are studying abroad next year.

Here are more details about the project:

File format: In the last project, I asked you to write a paper. This time, you can submit your project in any form, as long as it is digital. For instance, you can create a video (e.g., MP4), audio (e.g., MP3), or even a website. Of course, you can create a document (MS Word) like the last time. If you are creating a video or audio file, make sure that it is at least 2 minutes long. If you are creating a website or document, please write at least 600 words.

If you are thinking of recording a PowerPoint presentation, you might find the following YouTube video useful:

Contents: The purpose of the project is to introduce CIC to prospective students. You can explain what we can study at CIC (e.g., any interesting classes you took so far?), why you chose CIC, what kinds of career opportunities CIC graduates will have, etc.

Although the focus should be CIC, you can also briefly talk about Rikkyo too (I know it is difficult to explain about CIC, without talking about Rikkyo).

Due: Tuesday, 7 July 5 p.m.

* Please note that the deadline is Tuesday, not Wednesday!

In next week’s class, I won’t be giving you any new assignments or homework, and you can work on this project in lieu of next week’s class. That means if you come back to this class next week, my only instructions to you are “Keep working on the group project.” So you still have a plenty of time for this project (remember it’s not due till 7 July).

In the meantime, take it easy, and I hope you enjoy working with your new teammates!

Any questions?

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