College Life Planning Class 6

Hi everyone. Good to see you here again. I hope you enjoyed working on the group project. I’m thinking of giving you another group project in a couple of weeks, so please look forward to it!

First of all, as you’ve heard already, a part of this week’s CLP class will be conducted live using Zoom! Staff from the Study Abroad Office will talk to you about the Overseas Study Program (海外留学研修). Everyone in this class is required to attend the Zoom session, so please don’t miss it.

Here is information about the Zoom session:






If you have any questions about this Zoom session, please contact the Study Abroad Office, not me (Prof. Tatsuya Nakata). The email address of the Study Abroad Office is

Read the papers from other groups!

In the past two weeks, you’ve worked on the group project. I think all groups produced very nice pieces of writing, so I’d like to congratulate all of you on the very good job! I’ve put the papers from all groups on Google Drive, so I’d like you to read the papers from other groups.

When you finish reading the papers, I’m going to ask (a) which paper you like the best, and (b) why you like that particular paper. So please think about these two questions when you read.

If you’re ready, please click on the link below, and read the papers from other groups.

Group Project 1

Note: You need to log in to Rikkyo Spirit account to view the files.





Group project reflection

Next, I’d like you to reflect on the group project. Did you enjoy this group project? Do you think you made enough contributions to the group for this project? Did you encounter any problems during this project? Was there anything you learned from working with your teammates?

I’ve created a survey on Google Form. So please click on the link below, and reflect on this group project.

Due: Wednesday, 10 June 11:59 p.m. (midnight).

As I said, I’m thinking of giving you another group project in a couple of weeks. I hope you can use the experiences from this group project and apply them to the next one with the best of your abilities.

If you answer the above survey, this is it for today (since we need to use 30 minutes of the class time for Zoom session, I won’t be giving you a lot of assignments today).

Don’t forget to attend the Zoom session at 2pm on 4 June! Have a good weekend and see you next week!

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this class, you can post your questions on Blackboard too. I created a 掲示板 called “Questions about the course,” so you can post any questions you might have about this class there.

Questions about the course (Blackboard)

(Please log in to Blackboard at before clicking on the above link)

You can click on スレッドの作成 and post your question there.