College Life Planning Class 4

Hi everyone. Good to see you here again. In the first class of this course, I asked you to write about any worries or concerns you might have about this class or university life in general. Not surprisingly, some students wrote that they were not sure if they can make friends at college, with all classes being conducted online.

The best way to make friends is probably to work on a project together. So in this class, I’m going to divide you into groups and ask you to work on a group project!

Find out who your teammates are!

There are around 150 students in this class, so I’ve divided you into 25 groups of six students (some groups may have seven students instead of six).

Please click on the following link to find out who your teammates are:

Group members

(* ファイルを閲覧するためには、立教大学のSpiritアカウントへのログインが必要です。)

For privacy reasons, in the above file, you’ll find only student IDs (学生番号) of your teammates, not their names. So the first thing you need to do is to find out their names by emailing them!

You can find out their email by adding “” to their student ID. For instance, if the student ID of one of your teammates is “20dm234a,” his/her email address is

Email address = student ID +

So if you haven’t already received email from your teammates, why don’t you email your teammates and start introducing yourself? (Try to use English as much as you can!)

If you get a hold of your teammates, please decide who’s going to be the group leader. A group leader may have to occasionally contact me on behalf of other teammates (e.g., submit the group project on Blackboard), but it’s not like the leader has to do all the work. So please don’t be shy and volunteer to be a leader in your group!

Group Project

Most of you will study abroad next year for 海外留学研修 (Overseas Study Program) – I know that some of you are worried if the program may be affected due to the situation with COVID-19. Of course we don’t know what the situation will be like next year, but let’s just hope that all of you get a chance to study aboard next year.

For this group project, I’d like each group to choose one of the study abroad countries for our Overseas Study Program (e.g., Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA), and do research about it. It can include information on 1) demography & geography, 2) culture & ethnic groups, 3) history, or 4) religions of the country. Each group will then write a paper based on your research.

Here is information about your group paper:

Length: 600 words or longer.

Due: Wednesday, 3 June 11:59 p.m. (midnight).

File format: MS Word.

Note: Please write down the names of all team members at the top. Write down the word count at the end.

You can add photos or images to your paper. Be creative!

Remember that this is a group project, so you will write one paper per group, not per person.

I know that some of you are from overseas and will not study abroad for the Overseas Study Program (because Japan is your study abroad). But I hope that you too will benefit from this assignment and enjoy working with your classmates.


Homework for next class is:

  • email your teammates
  • decide the group leader
  • choose one of the study abroad countries for this project
  • start doing research on that country

I’d like the leader of each team to tell me (a) the name of the group leader, and (b) which country you have chosen for this project. So if you are the group leader, please click on the following link and send me the information:

Group project leader

Due: Wednesday, 27 May 11:59 p.m. (midnight).


When you work with your classmates, you can exchange LINE IDs and become LINE friends, or organize a Zoom meeting, if that’s easier than email.

In next week’s class, I won’t be giving you any new assignments or homework, and you can work on this project in lieu of next week’s class. That means if you come back to this class next week, my only instructions to you are “Keep working on the group project.” No reading assignments, no posting on 掲示板, or no quizzes. So you still have a plenty of time for this project (remember it’s not due till 3 June).

In the meantime, take it easy, and I hope you enjoy getting to know your teammates and working with them!