College Life Planning Class 11

Hi everyone. Good to see you here again. As we’re in the last two weeks of the semester, I think most of you’ve been very busy working on papers and preparing for finals. Fortunately, as I’ve explained in the first class (, you won’t have any final paper or exam for CLP! Your grades will be determined based on assignments to be completed during classes. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s CLP class.

In the past two weeks, you’ve worked on another group project. I think all groups did very well, and I’d like to congratulate all of you on the very good job!

As in the last time, I’ve uploaded projects from all groups on Google Drive, so I’d like you to see what other groups have created for this project. When you finish, I’m going to ask (a) which product you like the best, and (b) why you like that particular product. So please think about these two questions when you check out what other groups have created for this project.

If you’re ready, please click on the link below:

Note: You need to log in to Rikkyo Spirit account to view the files.

One group (Group 6) created a website for this project. Please click on the following link to visit the web site created by Group 6:

When you click on the above link, sometimes you get a message like the following:

When this message shows up, please click on your email address at the bottom (e.g.,, under ログイン名. Please DO NOT click on the button that says 「アクセス権限をリクエスト」.

When you click on your email address at the bottom, you’ll be redirected to a screen like below:

Please click on your Rikkyo email address from the list.

Group Project Reflection

Next, I’d like you to reflect on the group project. Did you enjoy this group project? Do you think you made enough contributions to the group? Did you encounter any problems during this project? Was there anything you learned from working with your teammates?

I’ve created a survey on Google Form. So please click on the link below, and reflect on this group project.

Due: Tuesday, 14 July 5 p.m.

(Please note that the deadline for this assignment is Tuesday, not Wednesday)

International Student Panel

Every year, as a part of College Life Planning, we hold “International student panel discussion,” where we invite several international students studying at CIC, and ask them to talk about their experience of studying at Rikkyo.

Since classes are conducted online, we will not have a panel discussion per se this year. Instead, I’ve asked several international students to create a document to talk about their experience.

I’ve asked them to tell us why they decided to study at Rikkyo and how they prepared for studying abroad in Japan. They were also asked to talk about some cultural experiences that they had here, how they think studying in Japan will influence their future, etc.

Fortunately, two students (Andrea from Czech Republic and Nina from Slovenia) have volunteered to share their experience with us. Please click on the following link to find out what they have to say about their experience of studying at Rikkyo. After you read their stories, I will ask about what you took away from their experience.

(Please do not download, screenshot, or redistribute the above files.)

Note: You need to log in to Rikkyo Spirit account to view the files.

What did you think? Was there anything you think you could take away from the experience of the international students? Please click on the following link and let me know!

Due: Wednesday, 15 July 5 p.m.

If you complete the above assignment, this is it for today! The next week’s class will be the final class of the semester! In today’s class, we heard from our international students. Next week, we will hear from our sempai (senior) CIC students. I’m sure it will be lots of fun, so please look forward to our next and final class!

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this class, you can post your questions on Blackboard too. I created a 掲示板 called “Questions about the course,” so you can post any questions you might have about this class there.

Questions about the course (Blackboard)

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