College Life Planning Class 10

Hi everyone. Good to see you here again. Last week, you started working on the new group project. How is the project going? I hope you’ve been having fun working with your new teammates.

As I promised last week, I’m not giving you any new homework this week. Instead, I’d like you to continue working on the group project with your teammates.

Here are details about the project:

Contents: The purpose of the project is to introduce CIC to prospective students (i.e., high school students, either domestic or international, who are thinking of studying at CIC). You can explain what we can study at CIC (e.g., any interesting classes you took so far?), why you chose CIC, what kinds of career opportunities CIC graduates will have, etc.

Although the focus should be CIC, you can also briefly talk about Rikkyo too (I know it is difficult to explain about CIC, without talking about Rikkyo).

File format: You can submit your project in any form, as long as it is digital. For instance, you can create a video (e.g., MP4), audio (e.g., MP3), or even a website. Of course, you can create a document (MS Word) like the last time. If you are creating a video or audio file, make sure that it is at least 2 minutes long. If you are creating a website or document, please write at least 600 words.

If you are thinking of recording a PowerPoint presentation, you might find the following YouTube video useful:

Due: Tuesday, 7 July 5 p.m.

* Please note that the deadline is Tuesday, not Wednesday!

How to submit your project

If you are finished, I’d like the leader in each group to submit your project. Before submitting your project, please change the file name to your group number. For instance, if your group number is 3, please change your file name to “3.”

File name = Your group number

If you’re uploading multiple files, please attach alphabet (e.g., a, b, c) after your group number. For instance, if your group number is 3, and you’re submitting three files, your file names should be “3a,” “3b,” and “3c.”

If you’re ready to submit your file(s), please click on the link below to do so:

CLP Group project submission


Due: Tuesday, 7 July 5 p.m.

Please note that ONLY the group leader needs to upload the file(s), not the other team members. If you are a group leader and has trouble uploading the file(s), you can just email them to me. My email address is below:


* Please replace [at] with @.

Well, this is all I need to say this week. I hope you enjoy working with your teammates. Hope you have a great weekend and see you next week!

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this class, you can post your questions on Blackboard too. I created a 掲示板 called “Questions about the course,” so you can post any questions you might have about this class there.

Questions about the course (Blackboard)

(Please log in to Blackboard at before clicking on the above link)

You can click on スレッドの作成 and post your question there.